About Us

Elite Technical Electromechanical Equipment Est. was established back in the year 2000 as a 100% local establishment, with international joint ventures and agencies based in Abu Dhabi. Within a short period of time it positioned itself as a major player in that market, supplying projects that remain till now among its most prestigious references.

Eighteen years later, Elite Technical Electromechanical Equipment Est. had grown to nine branches across the Middle East, and a staff count of over 160 lighting specialists, becoming a major player in the lighting industry on a regional level.

With a brand portfolio of some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, accompanied with outstanding service and professional support, Elite assures its clients receive the best turnkey solutions available in the industry.

Over the years Elite Technical Electromechanical Equipment Est.  diversified its product range and activities to cover lighting control and automation systems, as well as wiring devices and lighting components.

Elite Technical Electromechanical Equipment Est. continues its strive towards its vision

 To be the lighting supplier of choice in the region

by spreading its presence to more major cities, while expanding and diversifying its products and services.

Our main business core is involved in servicing the international and local suppliers and contractors working with municipality, public works department, private department, oil & gas sector, marine sector as well as private sector in the UAE and the Gulf area.