Batten Fluorescent T5 Decorative



Housing: In high grade PVC, with elegant rounded profile to eliminate sharp edges. Colored Decorative End Caps are made of ABS Material.

Diffuser: Made of Translucent Opal Acrylic PMMA to give Maximum Antiglare Harmonic Homogeneous Diffused light performance.

Electrical Gear: 220-240V/50HZ power supply: Hard wire, heat resistant (up to 105°C). Op­tional: Electronic, HPF, Digital Dimmable Electronic and Emergency Conversion.

Lamp Holder: Polycarbonate with phosphorous bronze contacts.

Equipment: fixation accessories in separate bag and optional extension cable with plugs at each end are supplied for linear applications.

Length 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1500mm. The plug is fitted into the socket at each end of the fixtures to be connected in line.

The Total length of any linear connection should not exceed 8 Meters.

Regulations: Manufactured in accordance with EN60598- CEI 3421 standards. Degree of protec­tion in accordance with EN60529 standards.

Applications: Residence, shopping malls, towers, exhibition hall Or Advertisement lighting.


  1. Radio interference suppression.
  2. Fused terminal block.